Supplements, mental health and Huxley

From COVID-19 to soma for everyone

Side note: COVID-19 pushed many of us against the wall, including myself. I am switching from semi-long form to short-form/Twitter-like instead - bear with me :). I find it impossible with the current flow of things to produce any reasonably well written long article. 

Supplements are a very profitable element of the global wellness industry (profit margin estimated at 10-40%, although in some cases could be way more). Mental health issues related to the pandemic (being results of lockdown and SARS-CoV-2 messing with a brain on its own) already increased sales of tranquilizers and sleep enhancers. Non-pharmacological interventions (like exercise, sleep, having friends/dog/etc.) are, of course, ignored, as their perception is fundamentally different than pharmacological ones

It’s not hard to imagine that usage might soar to the point that they become an analog of Huxley’s soma. That could happen the fastest with CBD-based ones, which are professionalizing quickly (including clinical trials). Especially in the US, with its strong tendency to drug all problems. Supplements might have a bad press in the last few years (not surprising, if some companies add unapproved drugs to their formulas). However, they might rebound quickly if prominent celebrities learn from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lesson of cutting corners

Overall that’s not such an optimistic outlook. While looking for peace, society might turn into soft addiction.

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