Feeling overwhelmed? Looking for cognitive edge? Needing more time? Lacking clarity?

Naval wrote in his essay on Truth:

Once we truly understand the effects of unhealthy food on our bodies—when we see the extra weight we’re carrying, or we track the glucose spike and crash after eating too much sugar, or we see how caffeine hops us up and then crashes us—we automatically change for the better.

So, the path towards peace is truth.

So, first of all, let’s find out how you can understand what has the detrimental effect on your mind. Let’s find out how you can improve in all these areas.

Hyperhuman Technologies newsletter is a map for reaching and maintaining peak performance. Backed by rigorous research, written by someone working both in academia and pharma industry.

Properly functioning body, clear mind, peak cognitive performance - that’s something we will talk about. Together. We both have no time for BS, so welcome to the world of “minimal viable intervention”.

How this earth will look like in a few years, when the smartest and the brightest cannot find peace with themselves?

We’re both interested in the planetary-level intelligence amplification. Let’s discuss how it’s achievable and how to make it a business along the way. Let’s talk what are the criteria for funding, what are the promising areas for intervention and what opportunities are appearing and where.

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